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"Better to be plesantly surprised than bitterly disappointed."

You're a wonderful friend and a raving psycho.
--Ray Strobel--

I never know how much of what I say is true.
--Bette Davis--
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Jul. 31st, 2006 @ 08:30 pm This Is The End...
The General
M'kay, I've created a new blog. I've decided that I need
to have a blog that I can tell my mother about. (Since
she'd read it all the time and I crave the attention.)
Besides, I'm all about starting from scratch.
(I also have a new screen name, SunnilySadie.)

However, I'm too lazy to go through and get rid of all
these entries. So I created a new one:


Kisses and love. Thanks for the memories.

Or whatever.
Jul. 21st, 2006 @ 01:58 pm Aww... How Sweet
The General
Mood: blahhanging out
Music Quote: Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
Okay, when I was still "Bitter With Baggage," I made a
MySpace profile. In one of the sections, they asked
for me to describe the kind of person I wanted to meet.
I wrote:

Ha ha ha... someone who...
- Likes international politics
- Watches the news
- Can take a joke
- Likes going on adventures to places like Walmart and Blockbuster
- Has a job/has potential of having a job
- Will sit around and talk about psychological theory
- Doesn't make me feel guilty about having a life
- Has a life of their own, but will invite me along
- Speaks another language, or at least wants to learn one
- Is willing to relinquish the remote but will drive
- Comes to my apartment from time to time
- Dresses up for no reason
- Likes the fact that I'm strong-willed, but doesn't hate it when I'm weak

*most importantly*
- Is not pursuing anyone else
- Doesn't quit

See, the "ha ha ha" intro was because I didn't think I'd ever meet
anyone like that and I was just describing someone impossible who
would never be interested in me.

But you know what? It's Ian to a T.

Jul. 20th, 2006 @ 10:24 pm You're Not Conceited, You're Just Honest.
The General
Ice Cream
Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Music Quote: I love chewing gum.
My life is a combination of being mind-numbingly
boring and jet-setting exciting. Sort of a hurry
up and stop kind of situation. Went to Williamsburg
for the 4th of July, Mississippi the next weekend,
and Washington D.C. the weekend after that. This
weekend, I'm going to Cincinnati.

Problem is that from Monday to Friday, I am either
working a filing-phones type job for a temp agency
or sitting at home working on personal development.
By watching Family Guy, the Simpsons, and Southpark.
And painting boxes. And reorganizing my apartment.
And yesterday, I made a turkey all by myself. It
didn't make us throw up or anything. Tomorrow,
mom and I are going antiquing. That'll be...


So let's talk about what's on TV.

Don't you just love the snide mud-slinging commercials
for the Republican primary in Tennessee?
"If we can't trust Bob Corker on abortion, how can we
trust him on anything?"

Jesus. If I were a candidate I would just straight
up come out:
"Joe Blow is a crack-addicted puppy-murdering
slut, in my opinion. I mean, there is no evidence for
this, but I mean, can you trust the word of a child-

So, I'm watching ABC Primetime "Love and Revenge."
This one's about a husband who cheated on his wife
and then tried to kill her.
"Harold even put poison on the condom before sex."
Harold: "I know it was terrible, honey. I'm really really
sorry about it."

...Aww...he sounds really sincere. I mean, if everyone
divorced their husband when he slipped rat poison in
her food once a month or so, no one would be married.

Ian just promised me he wouldn't poison me if he
fell in love with another woman. How sweet.
He'd just divorce me, I guess. Still, one less
thing to worry about, right?

HA HA... here's a guy who has stayed for jail in
for eleven years when he didn't have to because
he refuses to tell his ex-wife where he stashed
the money she has a theoretical claim to.

Snaps to you. That'll show her.

Of course, Ian wants to hide money from me, too.
But it's not because he wants to divorce me. It's
because he doesn't trust me. Hmm...is that a
good sign or a bad sign?

Okay, if you still need something to entertain you,
and read my summer columns. They are actually much
more like my livejournal than political stuff. HOWEVER,
don't tell my parents I'm writing this summer. Why,
you might ask?

Because I am tangled up in the extremely pointless lie
that I am not writing this summer. See, at first, I
didn't want to tell my parents that I was still writing
because these columns are much more risque and I didn't
want them forwarded to everyone mom knows. But it is an
extremely stupid thing to lie about because any day
now, some one is going to mention reading my column
to them. Then, my parents will get understandably pissed off
at me for no damned good reason at all. I mean, I do talk about
sex and say things like 'boob' and 'shacking up,' but it wouldn't
make them cry or anything. And it is being freaking
published, so it's kind of hard to lie about. I'm so
dumb, but now I'm stuck.

Which only reinforces my theory that I am not smart
enough to lie.

TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE. Ian and I are watching it

"What? You got your head stuck in a sunroof? That's so not good."

If I have a daughter like that and I post her conversations
online to mock her, would that hurt her self-esteem? Like,
in a serious way?

Okay, I guess that's enough for now. I'm going to go to
bed. Or watch Family Guy. Whichever happens first.

Here's a closing thought:
"I'm going to take out the trash. I guess I should
put on pants."

Jun. 14th, 2006 @ 04:06 pm Bridezilla Rrrrrrrrgh!!
The General
Mood: happyhappy
Here are my online finds as of late...

Oh, btw...

I'm getting married on August 4, 2007.

The wedding will be held here.

The reception will (most likely) be held here.

Light blue and white theme. Classy and Southern.

If you want an invite, email me your mailing address.

We'll be honeymooning in Estes Park, Colorado in the
Rocky Mountains.

Jun. 9th, 2006 @ 01:42 pm Bridesmaid Dresses?
The General
Mood: curiousindecisive
What do we think of this:

or this:

with this:

for bridesmaid dresses?
They will all be the same color light blue, despite the pictures.

And either this:

or this:

with this:

for a wedding gown?
For the record, neither I nor my bridesmaids will be baring
our shoulders in church.
Jun. 7th, 2006 @ 11:26 pm Slow Ride... (ba-da-da-dum)...Take It Easy
The General
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music Quote: If you say it loud enough you'll surely sound precocious
Well... the summer started out eventful. Middle
part seems to be lacking in a certain je ne sais
quoi... oh, right. I don't have a job or anything
to do all day long. So I unpack boxes, which is
fun, run errands and... well, I cook.

You wouldn't recognize me. Last night, I was walking
across the courtyard to Ian's apartment and I saw
one of my neighbors. I asked him if he wanted a
Rice Krispie square that I was bringing over to my
fiancee's. He says, "That's just so precious."


The day before that, I caught myself rushing to get
in the shower at 4:00 so that I would get done in time
to start fixing dinner for Ian at 5:30. Again,


I didn't just turn into my mother, I turned into
Marge Simpson. And here I thought my life would be more
like this...

Who knew. He'd better appreciate it...

...I think he does.

May. 31st, 2006 @ 11:59 pm Moving Sucks.
The General
Mood: soresore
Dear Everyone,
Moving sucks. Try to avoid it if at all possible. If you
must, move somewhere on the ground level with lots
of air conditioning with about ten people helping.
Not to the fourth floor in the summer heat with five
or six. Buy light furniture. Throw things away.
Pay someone else to do it for you. Bring water.
Take lots of breaks. Spread it out over a few days.

Learn from my mistakes.

A Wiser and Sorer Sarah

P.S. My personal heros for the week: Ian, Elizabeth,
Will, Andrew and my parents. Nuts and bolts to
everyone else. :)

May. 25th, 2006 @ 07:08 pm My Money Makes My Purse Too Heavy (and other complaints)
The General
Word of the Day: infuriatabulous
Mood: annoyedperturbed

This is a venting entry, but I feel guilty about writing it. My life is
beyond great. In the words of Arthur, "Don't you wish you were me?
I know I do." So let me preface this whining with an acknowledgement
that I have no right to whine.

I'm in the midst of doing a number of things. One of them is moving.
I talked to the landlord of Ian's apt complex a few months ago, and he
said that he would have a 1-bedroom ready for me by May 31st. Well...
found out today there was a little change of plan. The guy in the
1 bedroom decided to stay until the end of July, so it won't be ready
until mid-August. So, instead of moving into my real apt in a few
days, I'm going to move into a fake apartment. You guessed it--a studio.
Or a loft. Or whatever you call one really freaking small room with
a kitchen and a bath. AND it's on the fourth floor. AND there is no
elevator. AND it won't hold all my furniture. AND there's no closet space.
AND it doesn't have air conditioning. AND I don't have anyone to help
me move into it. AND once I lug all my shit up there, I'll have to move
it back down the stairs across the way up another few flights of stairs
into another apartment. Until then, I'm going to move it all to my parent's


Anyone willing to help me move?

Hmm... other than that, am still waiting to hear back from the law firm,
but it's looking good thanks to my sweetie-pie. Wedding is in limbo. Law
school is in limbo. Going to Cincinnati this weekend with the darling
and it will be damned good to get out of this business for a while.
Just a week back from my vacation and I need a vaction. Good week. Good
week. Stay strong.
May. 13th, 2006 @ 10:37 pm Dum Da Da-Dum!!
The General
Word of the Day: princess cut
Mood: lovedloved

I am engaged!!

We got down to Seaside and Ian and I went to watch the
sunset in a nearly deserted pavillion. He gave me a
hug and then I pulled back and said, "Hey, I have a
question. Can we build a sandcastle tomorrow?" He
replied, "Yes. And I have a question. Will you marry
me?" I sputtered about for a few second and then said
yes and started squealing and crying and giggling and
hugging. It's three hours later and I haven't stopped
smilling since!!

May. 11th, 2006 @ 11:49 am Gasoline & Matches
The General
Word of the Day: poop shoot
Mood: amusedsunny
Music Quote: After all you were perfectly right

So I graduate tomorrow. Only took me 5 years. This is a big
step in my life. This is one of those watershed moments--I will refer
to the events that take place tomorrow for the rest of my life. I will
become a respectable member of adult educated society. So, how does
such a monumental event effect the individual about to embark on this

Mmm... kinda hungry. My neck is also pretty sore from shopping so much
yesterday. Hmm... not really getting any strong emotional response.
I don't think I get it.

Yeah, so my last final was on Friday. That paper was by far the biggest
piece of shit I've ever written. Five page paper double-spaced... the
title and my name and the date et al took up 1/2 a page...all of the
sentences were related to the subject of the essay. They didn't
proceed in any order, but I didn't birdwalk into talking about my favorite
gum brand or anything. Still, I was tempted to throw on a post-it
apologizing for making him read it. But I figured it would be kind of obvious.

So, since Friday, I've been packing to move at the end of the month.
(Am moving to the Fort in Ian's building.) My moving philosophy is
summarized by this entry's title: gasoline & matches. For instance,
yesterday I bought new dishes just so I could give my current dishes
to Maria so I don't have to pack them. Problem solved.

I'm also applying to work at Ann Taylor Loft in Turkey Creek because I'd
get a 40% retail/25% sale discount! I mean, I've worked retail before
and it wasn't so very bad, and I could walk away with a wicked professional

Naturally, since I have a lot of stuff to do, I've been slacking off.
Yesterday, I got my hair cut at Salon Visage and, you know, you can't pack
when your hair looks pretty!! So Elizabeth and I shopped, gossiped, and
straight-up Sex-and-the-City'd away the afternoon. (Well, except for the sex
and the city parts.) Who thought Hobby Lobby and Big Lots were such
fascinating places? I've also decided to take up drawing, in a completely
desperate stab at not packing. I'll post some of my pretty flowers later.

On Sat, I'm off to Florida with Ian, my sis Becca and her boyfriend Andrew.
It's going to be a complete blast except for one teensy problem illustrated
by the following cartoon:

Unfortunately, an irresponsible European sold me a bikini. Yikes. Becca,
Andrew, I don't know if a free place to stay is worth it. Poor things.

Alright, I have only one more thing left to ask...
Two people who shall remain nameless...

...have totally peer pressured me into blogging. And their tactics were
timeless, classic, effective, and completely annoying: nagging. I feel like
mom's telling me to take out the garbage or something. Good thing that these
anonymous nags aren't into heroin or else I'd be putting foundation over

Here's the compromise, gals, if you are really so desperate to be entertained,
then get on the comment section here and figure out what I should talk about.
Upon what do you want me to pontificate? My opinions on fashion? Teenagers?
Whatchu want? Lemme know.

ROFL... I changed my locaton tag to "word of the day," but you can still click
on it and search on google maps. And there are 687 map hits for 'poop shoot.'
Now, how do you beat that?

Apr. 25th, 2006 @ 11:13 pm Proud Part of the Patriarchal Conspiracy
The General
I'm entering an era of imperial overstretch. I've barely gotten
any sleep in the past weekend; I've been working nonstop; and
I'm getting to the end and I am almost completely burnt out.
I'm sitting here and asking myself, "Well, surely if it's just
a few pages short he won't give me a D, so I'll still be
able to graduate...hmm..."

I'm not going to talk about it any more, of course, because if
I wanted to talk about my paper, I'd write it.

Four out of seventeen pages. 11 PM. ADD and fatigue.
Apr. 17th, 2006 @ 11:09 pm I Adversely Possessed Your Boyfriend Last Night...
The General
Mood: excitedexcited
Music Quote: Jungle boogie, get up with the get down.

I got into UT Law!!

I was on the waiting list because I turned my application in
relatively late. The seat deposit/confirmation forms were
due from the accepted folk yesterday. Then, at 12.30p today,
the admissions folk called and offered me a spot!! I'm so

The alternative would have cost me $6,000 more per year at
a University ranked half what UT is. And MOST IMPORTANTLY,
I get to stay here with my baby!! It's too cool.

Of course, it's kind of hard to get too excited about anything
in the end of school crunch. So many papers to write...
so little...well... time, ideas, and motivation. I mean, hell,
I'm already in a school--why work my tail off for an A when a
B will do just fine?

I guess it's the principle of the thing or some such business.

So, I'm going to quit thinking about my papers and go to sleep
and dream about going to the beach after graduation...

Apr. 15th, 2006 @ 10:17 pm When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will...
The General
Mood: lazylazy
When the cat's away, the mice will... lounge around on the couch
with a sinus headache and complain about how much work she's
going to have to do when she begins to panic.

Yup, Ian's out of town for Easter, which means no one's around to
gently and lovingly tell me to get my lazy ass a-writing.

So, let's see... what am I doing... Well, my biggest job right
now is waiting. That's why they call it a waiting list, I suppose.
Maybe I should have turned my law school applications in earlier.
That might have been helpful. I am accepting a seat at Ole Miss,
but I'm 90% sure that I'll get into UT Law in the next few weeks.

I could have gone to FSU or Memphis, but various aspects made it
unappealing. FSU is full of assholes [by reputation and by everyone
I've ever known that went there] and Memphis is pretty lowly ranked.
So, there we have it.

And in the next month, I have to write three 20-ish page papers,
find a summer job, move, audition for the summer TVP show, graduate,
and help Ian live through his finals.

We're going to need a lot of Indian food from Sitar to last through
this one.

I just hope Ian gets back soon tomorrow so he can make me study.

Apr. 1st, 2006 @ 10:48 pm It's A Lovely Day Today
The General
Mood: cheerfulblissful
Music Quote: So Whatever You've Got To Do
I'd Be So Happy To Be Doing It With You.

Today was so wonderful. Ian and I went shopping with Mom
and spent the whole day tooling around. I bought three
pairs of flipflops, pajama pants, a jean jacket and misc.
I absolutely love our Saturday night Kmart dates. There's
something terrifically cool about wearing sunglasses with
tags on them as you wiggle to the muzak.

I cannot ever remember being so happy.

I smile every time he walks in the room.

Okay, resist the gag reflex. If you don't want to see me
and Ian being happy, then -- whatever you do -- don't click
on the picture below and look at the pictures of our
spring break in Williamsburg.

Mar. 31st, 2006 @ 09:55 pm Sure, I Wasn't There -- I Swear I Have An Alibi.
The General
Mood: numbresigned
Music Quote: Even if you saw it yourself you wouldn't believe it

You know, the sooner I realize that it's time to give
up, the better off I'll be. I'm just killing time until
I graduate; I need to stay out of places where I don't